Zeon raising prices of synthetic rubbers, latex

Price increases to come into effect at the beginning of July

Tokyo – Zeon Corp. has announced plans to increase selling prices for its synthetic rubbers as well as synthetic latex, effective 1 July.

In a 13 June statement, the Japanese supplier said prices for its Nipol-branded rubbers will increase as follows:

Emulsion styrene-butadiene rubber (ESBR) $0.18/kg

Butadiene rubber $0.32/kg

Nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) $0.45/kg

NBR/PVC $0.45/kg

Epichlorohydrin rubber (ECO) $0.85/kg 2.

Separately Zeon announced that it was increasing SBR latex prices by $0.65 - $1.10/kg (dry basis) and NBR latex by $0.65 – $0.85/kg (dry basis), effective 1 July.