Polyurethane Adhesive Formulation

Polyurethane adhesive contains polarity is very strong, chemical activeness is very high isocyanate ester group and ammonia ester group, it and the material that have lively hydrogen, wait for porous material such as foamed plastics, wood, leather, fabric, paper, pottery and porcelain and the material such as surface smooth and clean of metal, glass, rubber, plastic have excellent chemical glue relay.It mainly consists of polyurethane prepolymer containing isocyanate, the reaction product of polyisocyanate polyhydroxyl compound.As the most important part of polyurethane adhesive, it has single component, double component, solvent type and solvent free type.The isocyanate that commonly used basically has aromatic kind and adipose kind two kinds.

The simplest polyurethane adhesive preparation method is 0 h class materials and NCO class (or and additives) easy mixing raw materials, used directly, this method is not often used in polyurethane adhesive formula design, the reason is that most of the oligomer polyols (usually lower molecular weight polyether Mr < 6000, polyester Mr < 3000), and the preparation of the adhesive composite viscosity is small, at the beginning of viscous force is small, sometimes even add catalyst, curing speed is slower, and low curing strength, practical value, and unmodified TDI higher vapor pressure, smells great, volatile toxic, and MDI normal temperature is solid,Only a few commercial polyisocyanates can be used as raw materials of isocyanates.

Polyurethane is short for polyurethane.Macromolecule compounds formed by the action of binary or polyisocyanate and binary or polyhydroxyl compound.Products with different properties and USES can be made according to the different raw materials used.Polyurethane adhesive is one of them, with the ability of curing at room temperature, high initial adhesion, better impact resistance, shear strength and peel strength, resistance to cold water, oil and dilute acid.Widely used, can bond non - metal and non - metal, non - metal and metal, metal and metal, adhesion is very firm.


The formula is also reflected in:

Two-component polyurethane adhesive

A formula:

Component A toluene diisocyanate (TDI) modified tree ester (soluble in ethyl acetate into solution)100

B component curing agent TDI hydroxyl compound modification 10 ~ 50

This method is applicable to bonding between metals.

Formula 2:100 parts A and 10 parts B

This method is applicable to adhesion between common materials.


Formula 3:100 parts A and 5-10 parts B

This method is suitable for bonding between paper, leather and wood.


Two, a single component of polyurethane adhesive

Recipe: castor oil, 38 parts toluene diisocyanate, 11.75 parts styrene, 49.75 parts benzoyl peroxide, 0.5 parts or more, was dissolved and mixed evenly at 20-80 ℃.

This product is suitable for packaging electrical materials.