Applications Of thermoplastic elastomer(TPE)

As is known to all, thermoplastic elastomer compounds have a soft touch and it is appealing and beneficial for many different kinds of consumer goods. Also, TPE is  ideal  for seals or in bottle-cap liners.

1. For Food-grade applications
In any countries, when it comes to food related products, all plastic materials or ingredients used must be food-contact approved.We know that food-contact approval means safety, people can use the material without worries. Many baby spoons or toddler cup spouts are made with the food-contact approved TPE. Also, TPE can be used in many industries, for example, TPE coated webbing which is ideal for making pet accessories like dog collars and dog leashes.

2. For Medical And Healthcare Applications
For healthcare purpose, TPE must be complied with the corresponding regulatory standards. Autoclaves or gamma irradiation can be used to sterilize TPE. In the meanwhile, TPE can be bio-compatible. It has high purity, low levels of ex-tractable and leachable substances. That being said, TPE can be used to replace silicone, PVC, rubber and other materials. Note that due to its remarkable advantages, PVC still has a wide range of usages such as PVC coated webbing.

3. Used for Sealing Rings
Traditionally, thermoset rubbers are made into sealing rings. However, those made with TPE can be colored and co-molded to make two-component seals. Moreover, it is more efficient to process the TPE because less energy is required and it is faster to produce than thermoset rubbers.

4. Often found in cap and closure liners
Bottle cap liners act as a seal between the bottle contents and the external environment for both metal crowns and plastic caps.Many cap and closure liners are made with PVC. In fact, TPE liner has more advantages than that of PVC, such as better protection against oxygen transmission.