Medical TPEs for Syringe Plunger Stoppers

Plunger stoppers serve as a key component of syringes or syringe-style dosage systems, functioning to preserve the integrity of the drug or chemical by providing an exceptional seal. Choosing the right material is crucial to the plunger stopper's performance. The stopper material needs to be chemically inert to minimize the risk of interaction with the syringe contents. A low coefficient of friction is required for optimal gliding performance against the glass or plastic barrel. Leading companies offer an entire portfolio of  medical-grade thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) suitable for a variety of stopper designs and requirements.

Why Use Medalist TPEs for Syringe Plunger Stoppers?

•   Diverse portfolio of products to suit wide range of syringe systems

•   Sterilizable

•   Better compression set versus competitive TPEs for improved sealability

•   Good gliding performance as the plunger moves through the shaft

•   Suitable for high-cavitation precision molding

•   Available in natural or black

Regulatory Compliance

•   Made with FDA food grade compliant ingredients

•   Biocompatible, ISO 10993-5 compliant

•   REACH SVHC compliant

•   Free of DEHP, phthalates, BPA, and latex

•   Standard grades are ADM-free