Instrument Panel: Critical Features

Comparison Of Slush IP Skin Capabilities

PVC Substitution: Slush Molding TPE-S

Car Model: Audi E8
Part: Instrument Panel Skin Slush Molded
Raw Material Resin: Kraton
Compound: Laprene S formulated by So.F.teR
Fabricator: Peguform
Features: Halogen free, pthalate free
30-40% lighter weight than PVC
Better low temperature performance than PVC
Better aging characteristics than PVC
Lower processing costs
Deep soft touch/haptics feel

Slush molded TPE-S Instrument Panel

Patented Slush Molded TPE Technologies
• Uses PP/SEBS compound
• Currently commercial in North America
• Concerns over scratch/mar resistance?
• Uses special low molecular weight HSBC compounded with PP and Polybutene
• Currently under development/commercial applications yet to be announced
• New Formosa plant comes on stream in 2016 with capabilities to supply low molecular weight resin

PVC Substitution: Coated Fabrics

• PVC: the dominant incumbent strongly entrenched, cost effective
• TPE-S (SBC-TPEs:) Phthalate-free, UV resistance, low temp properties

Auto Acoustics Control Technologies: Role For TPEs

Note: current or potential TPE opportunities
(a) High growth application for SBC and o-TPVs
(b) Lightweight dash mats and heavy duty barriers (e.g. from Cascade Engineering).
includes polyolefin foams
(c) For example Betafoam™ from Dow based on PU foams
(d) For example from IAC/Stankiewicz
(e) Becoming common via feedback microphones (e.g. Honda Accord and Chevrolet Impala)
(f) BSR= Buzz, squeak, rattle: opens opportunity for vibration damping TPE layer on plastic substrates

Acoustic Targets For Polyolefins/TPEs/Foams