Different types of soles

Shoes can protect our feet from the cold and heat, is our indispensable daily necessities. Wear a shoe for a long time, the shoe sole can be worn out, the shoe sole of a lot of kinds of material on the market, for example PVC sole, rubber outsole, TPR sole, TPU sole and so on material, a lot of people do not know which kind of material is better? Today, plastic for the analysis of the four most commonly used materials.


PVC soles: PVC English name Polyvinyl Chloride, micro yellow translucent particles. PVC soles are generally divided into two kinds, one kind of injection machine with the soles of the mold, and the other is a soft PVC foaming agent added to make sheet, after the foam forming into a PVC soles. PVC cheap soles, wear resistance is poor, wear very light, lack of texture, generally used to make fashion shoes.


Rubber sole: Rubber English name rubber, referred to as RB sole, rubber sole with natural rubber and synthetic rubber. The natural rubber sole elastomer is good, feels soft, generally does the indoor sports shoes to be many, the shortcoming is does not wear. The artificial synthetic rubber soles with elasticity, good wear resistance, skid resistance, soft extension is good, but for the sole weight of other materials is relatively heavy, most outdoor basketball shoes, sports shoes more.


TPR sole: TPR is a thermoplastic rubber, also known as TPE soles. At the same time, TPR has the properties of rubber and plastic. It is easy to process and form. TPR sole is easy to form, more important than the heavy weight, moderate price, but soft and poor, generally wear resistance. Generally used to make casual shoes in the middle, the bottom.


TPU: TPU Polyurethane English sole named Thermoplastic, a thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer polymer material has excellent wear resistance, excellent elasticity and toughness, tear resistance and bending resistance, oxidation resistance, high hardness. The disadvantage is the general anti slip, not water, not resistant to yellowing, etc.. TPU sole material is one of the special requirements such as high shoes, football shoes, ice skates shoes, hiking shoes sole material of choice.


A simple introduction to the soles of the four kinds of materials, as the saying goes, no one is perfect, nothing is perfect, each material has its own advantages and disadvantages of the soles, from the comparison of these four materials:


Price ratio: TPU> rubber >TPR>PVC. TPU price is the most expensive, rubber prices a little expensive, TPR moderate price, the cheapest price PVC. Taking into account recycling, rubber and PVC are not conducive to recycling, TPU and TPR waste can be recycled.


Performance: TPU sole superior performance, one of the best materials in the market is also favored, the price of course expensive. Rubber sole and TPR sole performance are general, PVC sole is worst.


Summary: the requirements of different shoes, shoes should be selected to make the right choice of shoes, in order to ensure the quality of products.