DZBH New Material Hosts The Third Global Elastomer Application & Development Summit

DZBH New Material hosts the Third Global Elastomer Application & Development Summit in Shanghai from 21st to 22nd September, 2017.

Let’s see the highlights of the summit.


DZBH New Material has focused on elastomeric industry 20 years and only host elastomer summit.


1. Most Valuable: All the topics for the summit are customized by invited experts according to the client’s proposal. All the experts invited are from the top enterprises and research institutes in the international and domestic industry!

2. Most Authoritative: The Analysis reports come from the top consulting organization in America, also the first time published to Chinese market. That will help various enterprises to know the real international industry dynamics then preparing for globalization!

3. The Latest: Choose the hottest application in elastomer industry. Some products and technology involved in topics publish the first time!

4. Most typical: All topics are summarized and sorted by UTPE background big data. The source of oversize data, fully guaranteed the comprehensive and scientific of the topic selection!

5. Most performable: This summit has continued technical communication salon which BEC fully adopts the client's proposal from former summit. We will classify all the problems suggested by customers this year then making a major reply. Meanwhile, we sincerely welcome the participation of guests to communicate with us!

6. Most practical: This summit has increased the proportion of end-product   enterprises to know the demands of these kind enterprises better. Starting from  the demands side and promoting healthy development of industrial chain will strengthen interaction of upstream and downstream. Meantime, that will realize seamless joint between technical innovation in upstream industry and application requirement in downstream enterprises!


1. Super value: How to realize internationalization are the challenges and opportunities for each enterprise. Our American team teamed up with one of the most famous international industry organization to bring us the core industry data and information, and help enterprises to obtain most valuable information in shortest time, and lay the solid foundation for the internationalization of enterprises and products!

2. Strongest team:This summit will be the most exclusive gathering of the global elastomers industry, where you can see all the top customers and institutions!

3. Highest level:No matter the topics or the speakers,BEC Materials selected the most authoritative in the world to enhance the mutual cooperation and rapid transformation of Industry, study and research!

DZBH New Material could find international customer for you. Our Silicon Valley team can find the most advanced technology, the most promising project and the top professional talents in the world!


1. Innovative concept: The summit will emphasize the concept of "innovation" systematically   to build innovative atmosphere and ecosystem, also leading guests to think about all kinds of challenges and solutions, such as "strategic cooperation", "industrial development and upgrade" "material revolution" "competition and substitution" to explore the elastomer market growth driving force!

2. Innovative application: The summit focuses on the latest field of elastomer applications and shares latest achievements in the application of elastomer technology, such as sharing bicycles, to let more enterprises understand markets and requirements quickly and totally.

3. Innovative mode: Relying on strong support by internet and big data, the summit solves technical problems for conventioneers and brings more answers for strategic issues.

4. Innovative path: The summit invited the most famous investment institutions in new material industry to discuss investment orientation of elastomer industry and promote technology rapid landing in participating enterprises and industrialization.


1. The summit comprehensively summarizes elastomer industry development situation and trend both domestic and international market, and analysis industrial policy guidance, combining with the characteristics of elastomer industry development, to research and looking for new opportunities for industrial upgrading.

2. The summit analysis problems common concerned by industry, such as "strategic cooperation", “industrial development and upgrade”, ”cost pressure”, ”sharing economy”, “network technology” and etc. It gives you strong motivation to meet challenges.

Inviting terminal enterprises including automobile, medical, sharing bicycle, electronic, wearable computer, and shoes industry to clear standards and requirements and enhance interaction among enterprises.